Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMDR?


If you could cut stress, increase productivity and profit, enhance performance, or just feel better about who you are, what impact would it have on your business and personal life?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an accelerated change technology developed in 1987 by Francine Shapiro for anxiety and traumatic stress. Research studies prove its dramatic speed and effectiveness.

EMDR is used to:

Eliminate Negative States

· Procrastination, Indecision, Distractibility, Poor Concentration

· Performance Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection

· Feelings of Inadequacy, Incompetence, Overwhelm

Strengthen Positive States

· Focus, Concentration, Motivation, Self-Confidence, Initiative

· Quick & Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

· Rapid Integration & Use of New Information & Skills

· Effective Prioritization & Time Management

Coaches, consultants, and counselors who use EMDR point out four distinctions between EMDR and traditional verbal approaches: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Ease of Benefit & Enduring Performance. With EMDR we do not just “think” ourselves into acting and feeling better, we actually stimulate the brain and nervous system to function at a higher capacity.

Daniel Amen: “Brain-imaging studies in the Amen Clinics have shown that EMDR can actually heal brain function after trauma.” (From David Grand’s book on the subject, Emotional Healing at Warp Speed)

What is Performance Enhancement?

Have you experienced times when you suddenly did not function at your highest level or felt stuck at a level below your hopes?

We all have untapped potential that remains inaccessible due to unconscious barriers and blocks.

Once we are aware of the barriers and blocks, we set possibility and confidence into motion to take us to the next level of achievement and potential.

Though coaching has proven to assist with performance enhancement, EMDR with coaching provides a faster, deeper, and long lasting way to eliminate the barriers and blocks while increasing positive states.


EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to correct negative behaviors and beliefs and changes how we interact with ourselves and others.

EMDR accelerates information processing and reverses effects of stress producing a healthier emotional balance, more constructive thinking patterns, more positive belief systems, and new awarenesses and insights.

The only Executive Coaches and Consultants who can be trained in EMDR are also licensed therapists since only licensed mental health professionals can be trained in this intervention.